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Personal Projects

I enjoy working on a few technical demos/prototypes whenever I can find the time. Here are a few!


Project Nar

No Art Required (NAR) is a single player, isometric, blocks/shapes themed, turn based war game where the player needs to fulfill various objectives as they progress through the levels. Levels consist of challenges where the enemy has set defenses which players need to overcome. Each level starts the player off with limited resources, which they must use to recruit and position the various units they have access to.


Project Psychosis

Psychosis is a project that we started developing with a group of friends. The idea is that the environment responds to music and the game mechanics are connected to the beat of the music using the sequencer. Psychosis is a third person story based game where the player travels through the antagonists mind, through their memories and fights their inner demons.

I am working with a Game/Level Designer a Concept/3d Artist and Animator/Look Dev Tech Artist.

We have been prototyping with both Unity and Unreal engines. The current version is on Unreal C++.


Procedural Mesh Cutting in Unreal Engine

This was a small project where I experimented with procedural mesh cutting in Unreal Engine.


Project Orbit

Orbit is a fun personal project, where I tried to make a star system out of procedural planets created in Unity. I used nested prefabs and scriptable objects in order to customize the planets, save them and make them orbit around each other.

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