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Video Horror Society

Choose between good and evil and fight for your life in Video Horror Society, a thrilling 4v1 asymmetric action tribute to the 1980s horror era-- where small town teens face off against terrifying monsters brought to life from the aisles of a 1980s video store.

Video Horror Society is a multiplayer asymmetric action game. You can play as teens or the monster. I have worked on this game for most of it's dev cycle as Gameplay Engineer. My main duties included implementing all the animation states for characters/weapons/props. We had a small team of engineers for the majority of the development so most of the engineers expanded their skillset to be more of a generalist.


As the animation programmer I worked very closely with the animation team. Some of my day to day tasks include; requesting animations to implement gameplay features and then connecting the gameplay code to the animation states.

Teens share the same logic tree and skeleton but they have many unique animations, they are also various shapes and sizes.

Skeleton shapes change the width of the shoulders and the height of the character.

We implemented an advanced runtime IK system that drives the transforms of various limbs to end up in the intended locations after the skeleton shapes are applied. 

All the monsters have unique logic trees, skeletons and animation sets. They all move in very unique ways and their abilities require unique implementations.

Monsters also require first person and third person animations to better visualize the character to the player and have the creative freedom to push each perspective in it's own way. 


Aside from my animation programmer duties I have worked on many other aspects of the game.

I have worked on setting up the skeleton code and the architecture of the perks system. Perks enhance and modify abilities/weapons/monster abilities etc. 

I have also implemented various monster abilities, emote systems, weapons, tutorials/training range simple AI logic. 

I have implemented most of the in game HUD for teens and monsters, various screens on the main menu. 

Social Systems & Voice Chat

Finally I have worked on implementing the social systems in Video Horror Society. 

Implemented Epic Online Systems for seamless partying between various platforms. Implemented inviting, promoting party leader, kicking from party, party matchmaking, sharing data between party members.

Implemented EOS Voice Chat for Party/Match(Dedicated Server)/Custom lobby(p2p). 

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